Industrial plotter WitColor

Large format printing, for large format printing up to 3.2 m in width, with maximum speed up to 120 m2 / h. Prints can afford any kind of large sizes campaigns.

Seiko plotter 160cm

If you want to introduce a very high quality product image or when the quality is very important for your values ... 
Seiko offers you the best quality printing, wonderful and vivid colors. It guarantees exactly what you are looking for!

Solvent Plotter Mimaki

It is used to fulfill your needs with very high quality up to 1440 x 1440 dpi for indoor and outdoor prints . In our plotter we can print adhesive, banner, mesh, cast, paper, flags etc.

Elektronic milling machine

With 1.5m of width, it has a high-speed and precision in cutting. It is computer-controlled. It may cut materials like alukobond, plexiglass, forex, MDF, aluminum, etc.

Thermoforming machinery

It serves to make various geometric shapes and various letters as desired in different depths in the plexiglass material.
It has a high precision and maximum dimensions are 200cmx100cm.

Graphtec Cutter

With 60cm of width, it has a high precision and can also read and cut pre printed forms through the technology "Conture-cutt".

Procutt Cutter

With 130cm of width, it is used to achieve even greater cutting to respond to working volume and client`s request

Aluminium cases & various profiles

This machinery serves to taper oval, circular, different aluminum material as casing advertising, cylindrical and quadratic profiles.

Serigraphy Machines

For color prints in various promotional materials such as pens, lighters, T-shirts, hats, etc.

Printer Xerox Docucolor

It is a device used for photocopies , scans and different prints. This machine can print A3, A4 format, can carry leaflets, brochures and offer the best printing and speed quality.

 Hot stamping machine

Gel machine

Digital Seal, flashline